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Year 5 - Autumn

Dates for your diary:

Autumn Term 1: Wednesday 6th September – Friday 20th October

Half term: Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October

Autumn Term 2: Monday 30th October– Friday 22nd December

Christmas Holidays: Monday 25th December – Friday 5th January

Monday 8th of January: Spring Term starts.

The staff in Year Five are:

5SB Miss Sandford, Miss Beckett and Miss Andrews

5AP Mrs Patel, Miss Tabassum and Mrs Furness

5TN Mrs Nawaz and Miss Akhtar

5CB Miss Brown and Miss Shamshad

5SF Mrs Fischler and Mrs Jeet


Before half term

  • Poetry – the children will learn to read and recite poems with intonation, tone and volume. They will also write their own free verse poem based on The Christmas Truce.
  • Stories with historical settings – we will read the story ‘War Game’ by Micheal Morpurgo and this text will form the inspiration for a piece of descriptive writing. The children’s outcome is to write a description of the trenches, creating atmosphere with different language choices.

After half term

  • Report Writing- We will first study the features of report writing and then write our own. The children will also write a newspaper report based on the book ‘Tuesday’.
  • Persuasive Writing- We will first study the features of persuasive writing and then write our own based on Denton Park.
  • Letter writing- Children will write a persuasive letter in role as an evacuee. 

Each class will undertake work at various levels about the following:

  • Number and place value
  • Calculations
  • Decimals

Objectives available on request. 


A study of forces including gravity, air resistance and friction

A study of Properties and changes of materials


Digital Literacy and E-safety – children will develop their understanding of how to stay safe when using technology and how to use technology wisely.

Databases – knowing the vocabulary to label parts of a spreadsheet and increasing understanding of how to use spreadsheets.


Hockey – understanding how to control the ball and the rules of the game

Gymnastics – a focus on fluency in routines

Topics –

Before half term – History Focus

In History, we will be learning all about when WWI took place, the causes of the war and who the allied forces were. We will look at what life would have been like for both men and women and the different roles they played.  Our art unit will also link to WWI.

After Half Term – History Focus

This topic will look at why WWII happened, what life was like for children during the war (evacuation) as well as rationing and the foods that were scarce during the war. We will visit Eden Camp in role as evacuees and children will be invited to dress up for this trip. Our Design and Technology unit will also link to WWII. This unit will culminate in an end event in which parents are invited to come in so the children can share the work they have produced and all they have learnt.