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Year 6 - Autumn

The teachers who work in year 6 are: Mrs Hartley, Miss Griffin, Miss Nettleton, Miss Rowling, Mrs Shepherd-Hudson, Mrs Hackett, Mrs Munt, Mrs Kennett, Mrs Bates, Miss Shields, Mrs Vickerman, Miss Shields, Mr Hosseini and Mr Smith.

Water Bottles Reminder

We no longer provide pupils with a water bottle. We advise that each term your child bring an empty plastic bottle to fill during the day.

In Literacy I will be learning about:


- Refreshing our grammar skills, especially the different sentence types, whilst writing our own Science Fiction story.


-How a text affects the reader, how people respond to poetry and writing our own poems using personification

Fantasy stories

  • Exploring this genre through drama and vocabulary development. Then planning, drafting, writing and editing our own narrative, fantasy story.


-Exploring the life of key figures in Black History and using this research on which to write informative and interesting biographies

In maths I will be learning about:

  • Place value of whole numbers and decimal numbers. Ordering and comparing numbers.
  • Use written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Solve number problems and shape problems and explain methods.
  • Quickly recall multiplication facts and corresponding division facts.
  • Identify, visualise and describe properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Identify and draw nets of 3D shapes.
  • Collect, organise and interpret data to answer questions.
  • Estimate and measure length, weight and capacity using appropriate equipment.
  • Find fractions and percentages of numbers and quantities.

In Science I will be learning about:

  • Light and How We See Things-exploring shadows, how light travels, how the eye works and reflections
  • Evolution-exploring genetics, adaptations, natural selection and a study of the palaeontologist Mary Anning

In creative curriculum work we will be learning about:

Ancient Kingdom of Benin and The Slave Trade

There are lots of exciting things happening during the Autumn Term- we kick-off our creative curriculum studying of the Ancient Kingdom of Benin and Slave Trade. This will involve a historical study of the daily life and art forms of Benin, as well as a look at modern slavery and include a visit to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool in November. We will be improving our cricket skills. We will begin a year-long project to design and embroider our own ‘Peace Blanket’ and study the notion of ‘Fighting’ in R.E. In French we will research French-speaking countries and study E-Safety and Coding in ICT. In music we will study and sing Gospel music.


  • PE kit must be brought into school on Monday and only taken home on Friday. Please ensure all school uniform and P.E. kit including pumps/ trainers are named.


  • Reading Book-all children are expected to take home a book every week to read and discuss at home. Children have a reading record book for parents/carers to comment in.
  • Times tables -should be practised at home; this should involve TT Rock Stars.
  • Spellings, Literacy and Maths- to be done in their new homework books/folders and returned.
  • Termly topic project -open ended/choice of tasks
  • Occasionally, where relevant, they may be given homework from another area of the curriculum

You can help us to help your child by: -

  • Talking to your child about school.
  • Testing them with their spellings and times tables.
  • Listening to them read.
  • Asking to see their homework and talking to them about it.
  • Contacting school if you have any concerns.
  • Reminding them of the importance of doing their best at school.
  • Making sure they have a good night’s sleep and some breakfast so they come to school properly rested and ready to enjoy the school day.


 If your child has any medical needs that the school needs to be aware of i.e. Asthma or any allergies please notify either the office or your child’s class teacher. Medication can only be administered once a consent form has been completed. Medicines which are required three times a day do not need be brought into school, however for four times a day school will administer the lunchtime dose.