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The THRIVE Programme at Oak

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Some Fun Thrive Activities in Class

In the photograph above, we have 6SH creating Positivity Artwork with melted crayons.

Here are some other examples of Thrive activities throughout school:



These are Year 6 children acting as Thrive ambassadors for Year 2. "We were very proud to deliver Thrive lessons to Years 1 and 2," says Fahim. Aqsa continues, "We went to the classes and read them a book called Giraffes Can't Dance. We stopped in the middle because the giraffe was sad, and we asked how can we make him happy? How can we make our friends happy? With the class, we decided to make bracelets with charms saying positive things about their partners." Sophia finished the account with, "Afterwards, I cried with happiness. The classes I visited were absolute sweethearts! I was so amazed at how sensible they were."

How did the Year 2 children feel about the afternoon? Here are some of the enthusiastic responses they got from the younger children:

The emojis chosen by the children to show how they felt about the lesson: smileyheartheart

My favourite part of the activity was...     " the bracelets"      "decorating"     "the story"

It would be better if... "people would be helpful in the world"     

To help someone believe in themselves I would...    "encourage them"

And the Year 2 teachers?

"It would be even better if Year 6 visited more often!"

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