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Support for Parents and Carers


National Careers Service at Oak -see bottom of page for further information

Family Support and Advice - choose your question

If you need support and advice about anything related to your child or home issues, you are welcome to come into school to speak to us, or call in at the parent drop-ins shown above. 

  • Where do I go for advice on benefits, jobs or debt?

    There's lots of advice available here - www.betteroffkirklees.org.uk

  • What if I'm worried about my child's emotional wellbeing?

    Our Pastoral Wellbeing Team will be happy to discuss any worries you have. In the first instance, you can contact Gill Simpson or Rachel Topham in school

    If you feel that your child has serious emotional issues, there is help available through "Thriving Kirklees" tel 0300 304 5555 or  website https://www.northorpehall.co.uk/young-people/accessing-support

  • I need some help at home, with behaviour or other family issues, what can I do?

    Contact Gill Simpson or Rachel Topham for a confidential chat. We may be able to direct you to the help you need easily or we can discuss ways to find extra help

Children's Comprehensive Health Guide: From Newborn to Teen

West Yorkshire ADHD Support Group

Are you an adult with ADHD or a parent/carer of a child with ADHD? Do you suspect that you or your child may have ADHD? Would you like to meet people in a similar situation for a chat and informal support?

Come and meet our group on the first Tuesday of every month, 7.30-10pm at Pindersfield Hospital, Floor E, Gate 47, Room 170.

For more info, find us on Facebook and send us a private message or email westyorksadhd@gmail.com.

More information on the National Careers Service

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